Do It For The Royal Melbourne!

Raising vital funds is a fun and engaging way to support the world-class care provided at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Whether you start your own fundraising activity or join an event, the money you raise on behalf of The Royal Melbourne will help improve patient care, purchase life-saving medical equipment, and ensure our research teams continue to find better ways to cure our patients.

Getting your friends and family involved in your fundraising not only raises vital funds for the hospital but also shares the work we do with the broader community. You can also choose where you would like your funds to go. For example:

  • Support a particular ward or service. E.g. Cancer services, Intensive care, Trauma
  • Medical equipment and technology
  • Research programs
  • Facility upgrades
  • Area of Greatest Need

Contact Sandie Baskin - and request a copy of our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising efforts are both enjoyable and a success. Once your activity or event is approved, we will send you an Authority to Fundraise form; allowing you to raise funds on behalf of The Royal Melbourne Hospital or NorthWestern Mental Health.

You can then set up your personalised fundraising page and start raising funds for The Royal Melbourne! Send the link to your fundraising page to your family and friends asking them to support your efforts - you'll be amazed at how generous they are.

Thank you for making a difference!

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation

The Royal Melbourne Hospital was Victoria's first hospital and continues today to provide medical care to the people of Victoria 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The on-going support of all of you, our hard working Fundraising Hero’s, is essential to enable The Royal Melbourne Hospital to provide the best possible health services and care for our community.

Your support makes a significant difference. Patients and staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital are truly grateful for your generous efforts.

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